London Underground

The truth about existence line.
Brian Cox is not only a Scottish actor line.
We would all avoid tax if we knew how line.
Party political line.
girth growth line.
gallows pole line.
string them up line.
‘O O O O that Shakespearian Rag—
It’s so elegant
so intelligent’ line.
stick with me on this line.
long arm of the law line.
yard arm line.
a stitch in time line.
strictly political motive line.
Pretty Vacant sounds to me like pretty va-cunt line.
why does tuna make me retch line.
and Marmate is not for everyone line.
teatime line.
Pukka food line.
4 and 20 blackbirds line.
thin line.
thick line.
long line.
short line.
nice line.
awful line.
auto-logical line.
just stop-starting line.
we always pretend line.
in line.
the line.
head line.
sub line.
life line.
flat line.
mar line(an Australian housewife line).
CCTV is an invasion of privacy line.
we have nothing to fear but fear itself line.
the far side of the line.
sad line.
we’ll Boycott the line.
LBW line.
not cricket line.
not for turning line.
Alan Turing line.
in time line.
a pretty ugly line
marginal line.
stop this crap about line.
I thought I was fine line.
help! we’re stuck next to an authentic a Steel Band line.
slightly bent line.
Doppler effect line.
stop playing that triangle line.
raisin’ hell line.
an other line.
I need to stop before my nose bleeds line.
not always cottage cheese on your potato line.
just because it contains real fruit doesn’t mean its good for you line.
Skyywalker line
(not Skywalker) line.
spoof line.
triple choc chip line.
a fine line.
bullet-proof line.
invincible line.
come again line.
flesh out the interesting parts of my life line.
with Ultrabrite, my teeth they are so white and so clean line.
we’ve changed the taste of Coke line.
warcrimes line.
everyone died line.
burnt out wreak line.
the BBC News is no longer on at nine line.
I heard it through grapevine line.
this is not a thoroughfare line.
this is my life line.
over the line.
this car alarm is absolutely useless line.
dime line.
believe in Islam, sign up to die line.
off the coast of Peru line.
oh he’s such a nice boy line.
feeble line.
driven into frozen winter shit line.
what these lines!
the Beatles and not the Rolling Stones line.
chavs rounded up and then shot line.
Burberry? – nuffsaid line.
you haven’t listened to a word I’ve said line.
no mum line.
we have no idea where line.
your loss is our gain line.
WMD line.
regime change line.
last twist of the knife line.
I am beginning to get ‘it’ line.
this irony is the last line.
any old iron line.
‘Why, after I have cut the egg i’ the middle, and eat
up the meat, the two crowns of the egg. When thou
clovest thy crown i’ the middle, and gavest away
both parts, thou borest thy ass on thy back o’er
the dirt: thou hadst little wit in thy bald crown,
when thou gavest thy golden one away. If I speak
like myself in this, let him be whipped that first
finds it so’ line.
with the ends missing line.
lost in space line.
if I think like this just you wait til you see how I dine line.
1 more line.
just the 2 of us line.
3 is a magic line.
‘the holy hand grenade of Antioch’ line.
A human-fly line.
the beginning of the end line.
that old y2k line.
the end of the world line.
we’re now in line.
you doubt me line.
twenty times a day line.
is it bugging you yet line.
pull cord to inflate line.
just beyond East Keswick turning and straight on line.
because the lady loves milk tray line.
Samwise Gamgee was gay line.
enough gold as I could eat line.
buggered line.
I like it that way line.
pink on the fringes line.
customers serviced line.
why? line.
where did all the love go line.
I am just killing time line.
this shop is crap line.
you & I line.
is this the end of the line.
I can see the sea line.
Morden sounds macabre line.
please leave knives in your luggage line.
end of line?
…and it just fades away line…

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