Friday of the 25th

What did I write prior to 2010? It comes as a surprise that I have no record of my urgencies anywhere I can firmly lay my hands on?

The dawn of my first iPhone(3GS) allowed me to record every passing thought pattern on the Notes app. I grow quickly bored of writing, long in concentration, on either a laptop or conventionally with Parker pen. Usually this was while flashing along in pursuit of work or during times of ingress; usually freaking out what to do that involves anything other than a hyper serial string long quaffing spree.

Movies goer? Not I…whether American popcorn, hot-dog or inflexible hard-gum.

Polylogue. Brave New World?

Wherever I ponder the world in my silences there are many couplets: swain or flame, mother, daughter, father or son, co-worker, colleague or team: concentrating my slim existence. But I gather all my emotions in a tightly condescended coagulate and hinge on the ever word for worldly significance. Spoils of conversation pour ingracious on my eaves, but I chose this barrage against solace and thought of fear.

Tea, not coffee, but no free refill all day. Full-leaf tea astringently perky, but no black dragon. What will happen this week to prevent me forcing a facial upward thrust prior to an unnatural yawn; where I stare at the spinning dizzy rifle down down down I lick the flashpan with sulphurous finish.

Looking back a few years to 2010 I wonder that a spray of petals dissolve to atomic nuance and there are difficulties pushing a salvaging pin to pick out rendered fine?

I spoke of editing and I received a very significant push.


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