I have been told that I need a bit of publicity during November and December to create as much interest as possible in the two pronged business opportunity I am hoping to be able develop a business plan for in the new year.

I love the power Simon has to get what he wants in confidence and security!

It’s true I am learning a lot, but I continue to feel like I am ‘standing on the shoulders of giants‘ and it’ll take me a long time to ‘get it’

The truth of the matter currently finds wine thoughts taking a back stage while I ponder what I am doing to do for the the remainder… The tenth will be fun, but I am very anxious to make December into the moment when it all snaps into place?

From February 2013 I will no longer in law be considered a bankrupt so I can finally start shaping my commercial future? This will require some real ‘planning’ and a business case.



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