platform 8b

Quick dog walk, a change of clothes and hop on the 99 to rotten old Leeds to start this crazy 4 day wine-athon. Look out London. Panicked when I saw that the trains had all been cancelled due to signalling issues.

What is a freebie as a consequence of being held up in Stevenage station for 4 hours was almost another East Coast catastrophes. Phew it isn’t. The trains are running from mine. 12:15 to London. Let us get going.

The amount of confusion simple numbering seems to confuse so many people. Surreal.

Hiccuping baby, over loud ladies, rattling Asians; where are the geese and goats?

On the plus side…London.

I decided I needed to travel facing forward. so many people so many rambling conversations. Head phones…given up my cherished backwards traveling E48A.

The cyclic nature of babies is very tedious and Emma’s is about due!

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