Chateau Imperial Szamorodni Dry 2002 to wow our olfactory systems

After you’ve been out walking wild with a four legged friend and spent the entire month of April wetter than a Mermaid’s bathing costume it is nice to be able to sit and unwind digesting a ‘flor-ful’ little known Hungarian wine/grape extravaganza ‘Szamorodni’, courtesy of my Hungarian friends at Malux Hungarian Wine and Food? The zinging sharpness honed within the deliberate oxidation in this amber toned ‘flor’ dedicated charmer and my gaze evolved into a jaw locking nose fixing tendency that was highlighted by the sherries willfully wafting and suggesting the depths that we would likely go if we had elongated noses… So where and what is Tokaji? A protected appellation in northern Hungary famous for heavily botrytized Furmint grapes: a grape with the unusual ability to grow a new skin over its exposed flesh once the noble rot has done its damage. A wine that is a ‘kin’ of Sauternes and other dessert wines. But Szamorodni Dry itself is a style that reminds the nose and mouth of the vin Jaune of the Jura, France or the amontillados of Jerez, Spain except it has a little more pronounced sugar than the typical Palamino Sherries of Andalusia and perhaps more intensity in the ‘golden’ yellow drifting tears that lash up the sides of the ISO glass. What indeed is this ‘Szamorodni’, after we’ve done all our sweet justice to amontillado sherry and the tongue twisting grasping and suggesting of an oloroso then we say ‘like an Hungarian sherry?’ – only if you are only low fog minded… but then if you’re high minded, like me, you would be happy to chip, chip, chip away at that respected Spanish DOC? Well I am 108 years old, but this crazy natural flowery succulent sharpness makes me need to rescue the native knowledge of Hungarian wine skills. The thoughts of the Szamorodni make me feel relieved that nothing with noting is known unless we have traveled with brevity on paths we usually dare not skip along…worth every drop.”


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