Sofar Spring 2012

It’s been a beautiful few days. Spring has truly sprung. I was out with the dog enjoying the pleasures of the warm air. There were a number of tortoise butterflies in the fields yesterday.

I’ve had just three glasses of wine ,since OTT on Sunday afternoon, all week.

Stephen mentioned I sounded out of breath today. My health has taken a hitting since I’ve not chefed. I drink too much, eat a lot of very poorly nutritionally unbalanced food stuffs and don’t burn as much energy as while not slaving over a hot pan.

It looks like I am left with nowhere to run with either my skin or ma. I am left with no option but to find my own place. In little more than 3 weeks i can feel freedom coming on strong.

What has happened? A sudden fuel crisis created by cretin  conservative MP’s. Queues of fearfully stupid papping OAP’s making money rich energy conglomerates richer, idler and more conceited. Get rich quickly seasons of madness.

3 pints in the Crown where man is challenged. There are no good hookers, but badly balding beer bellied slow shuffling grunting facsimiles. It’s cheap beer, but it’s hideously malformed. One eye on me and one eye on the other side…

Clearly better off not seeing those who returned for our ‘years'(except SR and SW) 1989 to 1992 reunion. Even the girl who organised it wasn’t there and someone puked around 8pm

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