Gardening. Ripping up dead vegetation and cutting to new shoots. Snoops wants to be involved with the process. Biting the rotten stems. What does he think he’s doing? Everything he does gives us immense pleasure. My hands felt dry, but it felt good to root i loved the undergrowth. I’ve not insect scratched yet; boon. 400ml of Ampakama Viognier between 1930 and 2100. Control. Interesting saline salty aftertaste and round jelly bean viscosity.
Feeling a little viscous myself.

After being relatively composed at 2100 I decided to jaunt into Wetherby. 3 pints. Back for Question Time: Janet Street-Porter class. Scottish Conservative unable to think for herself(party whip). Last glass of classy Viognier.

For research purposes i have to drink 1 of each to really say these are as good as they should be. 20 green bottles…

So far mas des marques, soli, prosecco rosso, cõtes du provançe, both Ampakama intenso and Viognier, seceteurs red. All are great. Deeply moved by Malbec and Les Silex.

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