Zinfandel is still alcohol

Today (22nd Feb 2012) is the first time ever I’ve tried a Californian red Zinfandel (Morrisons, £9.99: Ravenwood) and found it to be a very pleasant deep, heady and fruity red wine. Now having drunk close to a whole bottle I am reminded of an aniseed or liquorice as part of a very lengthy finish: My palette is pumped full of plump berry fruit. I would have to say that @DanJWatts’ recommendation was a very good recommendation and I suddenly feel a bit ashamed that I considered all Californian/American wines to be appallingly mass produced crap, but like the beer coming from the States the wine is really getting there. I guess that this is a result of my attitude being set by the cheap Blossom Hill white Zinfandel that is served 2 cheap ostentatious old women.

I am on a diet and I have managed to eat healthily however I am still having problems not drinking: every time I leave work I intend not to drink and find myself drinking. It is appalling to realise that I have spent since my 16th birthday drinking! Why did it ever become such a feature of my existence? Somehow it allows me to forget something, but if I knew what it was I was hiding from I might be able to come to terms with this addiction and deal with it? It is a shame because now I am 40 years old and think I have been drinking since I was 16 which is over 24 years? I have ruined my bank balance and my health in the rush to forget myself in alcohol!

Snoops has his head in my lap and is asleep snoring quite contently while I need to get me outta here…the moment of madness has damaged me again!


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