Freelancing; I am your man: chef available.

The degree course I was commited to on a Thursday has come to nothing, again. Not a bad thing I think, as it is better I know now before I pay out any money for nothing, but now I am a free agent.

I am planning to go and take my skills further afield in the new year, however I am willing and ready to ‘plug into’ any well run kitchen who need an extra pair of skilled hands for the remainder of 2011. With the Xmas season just about to kick off do ‘You need me’?

I’ve placed an advert on gumtree: Ad ref 91722528.

Please friends on Facebook…can you mention me to anyone who might mention they need some help?

A current change of circumstances now means I am going to be in The North for the remainder of 2011.

I am currently working contracting in West Yorkshire, however some weeks I am lacking shifts to pay my way so I have decided to offer my services as a freelance to anyone in the Leeds, Harrogate, York triangle.

I have experience of all sizes of kitchen – 1000 head banquet, 1200 head local authority, 450 head youth hostel, 250 head italian restaurant, 200 Bradford City Council, pubs, rest homes, a la carte, industrial, tight GPs, etc, etc.

I can work unassisted, on my own initiative but also link well with others. I have high expectations and passion: this is a great asset if your operation is very professional; but if your kitchen has a lot of problems I can help there too.

Call me…

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