The first truth that came to me might seem quite trivial but it’s an essential knowledge. The food we eat is part of how we will reach synergy to the stars. As long as we eat simply and honestly the way is open to being cleansed and valued by the world we eat. Look at the simplicity of the tomato, a fruit to cleanse any frigid pathogen out of the system. A fruit to combat age, disease, oxidation and show pleasure to our damaged pathways. Stick to the routes of the less complex and we’ll take our brains further. While away your days on crisps, coke, sandwiches of processed mild cheeses and mechanically reclaimed meats/advanced meat recovery with added salt, sugar and phosphates by injected into the meat, to increase its weight by 20%, and you are dead already. Food source abuse is a misfortune of greedy food manufactures that takes natures basket and make sure they get the nth degree in profit regardless of the legacy to the wild places and the human habitations.

Don’t bombard the fragile mind with the torture of deep fried sullenness. The mind can’t deal with battered complexity – onions are better fresh and sharp than smothered in coils of fried flour, egg and salt. All individually perfect when baked together in bready slatherings with yeast. The sun don’t fry it bakes!
Another ‘no no’ is roasted tea or coffee. green or not at all. plucked dried and re hydrated.
water the clearest demonstration of the purity the universe has provided to keep us alive; drink it always.

Don’t repeat the songs you hear. Keep going – keep discovering the immense variety of rhythms and climaxes. You might hear a song that is at right angles to your trust, but never fear as it is ideal for mental exercise.
Don’t watch repeats, don’t watch the adverts, don’t trust naively the tones of an independent press or a government established media entity. Television lies to you, but makes you forgot you once thought. Hollywood blindly binds you yet behind it is all plasticine images; recoil. All forms of totemic media is forcing you to suffocate and slowly recede from any other unity on your sofa’s.

All war is fought to maintain the arms race and a struggle for control of markets. Occasionally an ideological war occurs, but those wars usually reinforce the market focus of the victors. Sometimes wars are fought to distract the population from the problems on their doorstep. Mostly wars are fought for greed.

Me and my feet do the walking. You and your car do the killing. I welcome common forms of transport, but all the millions of cars are chocking us still.

Get Ayurvedic and the brain is released, eat simple and the essence is awakened, walk and the mind is enhanced, taste nature and time will open up before you, drink green without milk and the door will be ready.

Take MXE, AMT, Benzo Fury and Pink Panther on a random Friday night and by Sunday you’ll be hysterical.

Methoextamine is currently legal in the UK,
alpha-Methyltryptamine is currently legal in the UK,
6-APB is currently legal in the UK,
5,6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane is currently legal in the UK.

But perhaps you shouldn’t try them all over the course of 12 hours and live to tell the tale??

The first truth that came to me might seem quite trivial but it’s an essential knowledge. The


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