After a brief episode of dry retching on the main Tadcaster/Wetherby road Stephen dropped me back at home to conclude our mad afternoon/evening around York and Tadcaster Saturday night. A day where copious gills of gin and JD was drunk while I played innocently outside the King’s Arms with an unopened prophylactic, attempting to look like a chicken with only one teat like wattle. A couple at the next table found my routine hilarious, but maybe thought I needed carrying away. Stephen was unusually silent on the occasion.

I don’t want to bore anyone with a catalogue of pints drunk, cocktails swallowed and our lingering hope we’d find a nice man with an interesting stash of uppers, downers, acid or mescaline. But this is York 2011 and not LA in the 1970’s so I think we were on a hiding to nothing.

Having been dropped off along from the Barbican we walked up to Pivini for our first Cider, while coming up that road to the Merchant’s Adventurer’s Hall next to the Foss, we passed a derelict sorry looking building on our right which I recall may have been a market or some such in the early 1980’s but is indeed Reynard building, Piccadilly, and was once home to Airspeed in the 1930’s.

I started making a list of what i’d drunk while in Pivini, but once I’d hit my 2nd Tanqueray G+T, in a bar next to the Barley Hall, that list got forgotten in the haze of many many G+T’s while Stephen was happy discovering ‘Scarface’, an Amaretto/JD cocktail that he just couldn’t remember the name of this morning.

Once we reached Tadcaster I could only drink soda water, but I still managed to get my face licked by a 30something randy bugger, and crawled into bed at 2am. 12 hours of frantic frenzied fun.


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