Thursday: sunny and somber

Fun working on my website while working through WordPress, not a bad day/days learning with PS and numerous long drawn out YouTube tutorials: most of which seem really really advert contingent. Paul made me a brilliant banner, but i now need to work put how to use the plugins.

Soup for lunch. But a little dirty from splashes and pizza disasters. Need to head back to Wetherby to clean.

Some of last night and today was tense. No idea why.

What is the course meeting about on Thursday. Nothing to worry about perhaps? Can’t tell.

Darton to Woodlesford free ride.

If you suddenly turned around to bankers, traders, economist, etc. and said you, now, no longer have a future in the modern world and what can you do instead. If you had to speak up to entrepreneurs, business men and the cbi and tell them what they’re doing isnt going to get us out of this shit. If you remembered collectivism and unity in the first and second world war and how communities thrived when it was all for one and one for all. Then most of you shallow creatures would realise you ain’t part of the modern would and collectively would commit suicide…

We all care to buy and belong to an individual reality houses and homes, gardens and gates. Such a simple tragedy. The planet gave us life yet we hide from it our shadows. Segmented life in boxes and acres. Wheat, chintz, cattle and wattle. If you’re looking for love in the modern world: it’s so hard to find.


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