The decline and fall of Wetherby

The building of the bypass between 1986 and 1988 signalled the beginning of the end for this middle England, middle English, middle Yorkshire market town. Slowly but surely all the symbols of Wetherby’s local mercantile trade were erased until by the end of 2010 Horton and Hollander’s, toy shop extraordinaire, vanished on the High Street. All pubs, with the exception of the Crown, have been face lifted out of existence or else banished to be replaced by wine bars, restaurants, toy shops and bedding shops. Every pub, apart from the Crown, has had a few walls removed, appallingly cheaply make overs, façades of MDF and threadbare millenary, gardens covered with vast smoking areas and dens for paving slabs and concrete blocks. All menu’s are steam in the bag affairs in kitchen’s run by snot dribbling, fag smoking, oil stained ‘chef’s’ for whom food is a four letter word. Just look at the cleanliness of these individuals: would you be willing to eat food prepared by your loving, but smelly, dog? Enter each rough shod whore, smoking 100’s, and fat puckered faced malodorous wassocks and claim this torture by ‘crab’ infested slaves. Oh shame on you who ruined this simple yet happy play ground. When food was home made and simple, chefs were cooks and the person serving you had charisma in buckets. Socially flawed individuals who maintain absolute silence and ignorance of patrons with dotting thalia to spend. ‘what do you want?’ oh and put 4 TV’s in pubs that only brought TV’s in for state funerals, football world trophies and the cricket. Instead they are in from dawn until dusk repeating the same god forsaken news that was the same half an hour ago and an hour before that and all day before that. These soulless eyeless vapid monstrous ghouls run Wetherby now. People that for whom brightness and honesty are foreign bodies and clandestinely think of Wetherby as ‘their’ precious. Shops gone, pubs changed beyond ID, women frames of destitution, men flames of tarnished gilt and lines of utterly pointless DWP pensioners has brought a peaceful, happy town to the brink of disaster and claimed it as another shambling shite town.

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