How does one live a nice life without this monster? One turns tail and ascends. There is nothing in him it’s all a facade, an act, a duplicity. He’s all charm and twinkle. He is led by an engorged penis. It’s like I’ve always lived a nightmare between the walls of 97. From steven, charlotte, ed and now number 4. Bonkbonkbonk. Is it fair to have to shed my last few tears to the moaning of a wet pussy?

There is something disturbing about the clandestine squeaks of pneumatic bliss and bassline – a soundtrack to 2011.mp3

Is he a sex addict?
His obsession with copulation might have another darker more sinister edge. The time of night for meeting a girl, bringing her back, nailing her and seeing her to the door was very short. I recall him stepping out at 9:30 and putting her to the door at 12:30. She was French. Perhaps she was used or using him too? I have never understood the way people bring in the catch so swiftly? What did they talk about to finish the act so fast? I wonder if Amir feels anything except desire. Is it so simple?


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