The Ghost part 25 (caught by the fuzz)

It was 7:30 on a Tuesday morning in 1991 on that fateful day. I was dragged to Garforth to be questioned about the drug problems in Wetherby and specifically at the high school. I didn’t know this was ever going to happen, I feared another visit from the police was in the offing for an entirely different reason. Luckily my dad was out at work already and it was just my mum and I: my dad had a real temper. My mum didn’t know I’d ever done drugs and she was very disappointed and ashamed of me.
I was driven in a Vauxhall Cavalier to meet my destiny with fingering prints and mug shots to be questioned. I realize that someone at Wetherby high must’ve spoken to their parents about the burgeoning drug culture amongst the sixth form(mainly the upper sixth) and word maybe got to a the police to get along and speak to the culprits. To me being invited along for this interview was interesting and experimental: I didn’t let the weight of the event effect me perhaps as much as Id have liked with a bit more maturity. When they started recording interview, after I’d been in the cells for quite some time, it was like water breaking a dam: I could tell an adult why I took the drugs I did. My most naive confidence was a set of names and events: best friends and specific details that made taking acid so much fun. It’s best enjoyed in good positive company. I guess without wishing to bring a load of other people into the scene I inadvertently did. A who’s who of people I’d spent nights tripping were reeled off for the scribbling cop. I made up the persons’ we got the acid from, but didn’t shy away from a list of takers that maybe gave those policemen a lot of help with their investigations? I know this was a real mistake now, but I thought it was fun explaining the great times taken with LSD. I am truthfully ashamed and sorry to have caused the ripple that went through Wetherby all those years ago. It was shear stupidity to think ‘our’ talk would be taken the honest way it was.


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