The Ghost part 22 (I have a bike and you can ride it if you like)

I think that I might actually be right and absolutely not alone; oh joy to feel that I am not alone; thank you LP.
The capitalist world is lost on a journey of self destruction. Some of us look around and wonder why the majority are greedy, selfish and barbaric. Closed in by the tyranny and violence of a small section of the populace. Open to businesses greedy single erect purpose while government bends to become an anal love child of fawning condescension. Where armies destroy thousands of helpless people for the security of the earth’s limited finite resources, picking on the unfortunate individuals repressed in the backwaters where we find most of the fundamentally precious minerals they need to keep the wheels in motion. Those who allow for no separate plan of humanity except short term financial vying – balance of trade, trade deficit and boom and bust. Men and Women sit on their banks of cushioned thrones and decide divisions of labour in far away lands to present the the more affluent ‘classes’ in the world to part with cash for stimulation in pretty trinkets and glittery rings, and the Nitrazepam of media, internet, social networks.
I want to know why it is I, sometimes, work and earn a pittance?
I own no ornament or jewellery – I read, I write, I sing(to my self), I drink a lot (coffee, tea and booze) quite often, I cloth, I shave, I wash, I wish and I listen to music some times, I stare at beautiful women and must fall in love 50, 60 times a day, I tell my dog he’s the best dog in the world, I walk and run and chase and exhaust him. I have lots of shoes and clothes that reflect some childlike need to return to 1983, 84, 85 or 86. I collected pretty stamps that smell of age and remind me of geography and history and maps that were mostly enslaved in pink, imperialism and arrogance. I like the art of stamps, the creative minds that drew these 2cm. All were once lovingly produced from engravings – a design etched into a steel die and produced with such a multitude of styles and either imperforate or officially perforated: they are small, delicate and pretty(it is my folly), and I guess sometimes I do masturbate (I fear waning like virility with the passing of time and the falling of tears) and please someone will you find me and pull me out of this ditch quickly; I’m up to my waist in muddy sand)
Most important for me is experience: I must travel along humanities many wonderful streets and highways; taste, smell, confide and confess all. Smile and laugh, be open and honest and state quite what I mean, as otherwise I state nothing at all.
I want to scream that no amount of coffee, cleaning or arse cleansing is worth £5.93 an hour. We are meant to be in love with, love each selflessly and care for everyone in our hive like society.
OK there will always be leaders and followers in this crazy mixed up world, but there isn’t any reason for those leaders to try enslave us with the system that clock like and symmetrical keeps us trapped cogs against our limited time.
I want the world and I want it…NOW!

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