The Ghost part 10

Oh no, I have developed an abscess in my left earlobe. It regularly bleeds when I squeeze it slightly. I think it’s appeared where I used to have a piercing? It’s like a bump that feels empty until I start playing with it. If I don’t touch it it never disappears. At times it is larger than at other times. I discovered I have a new one on the lobe of my right ear last night, but that ear was never pierced. They both bleed and when they bleed they’re are slightly sore after, but not intensely so: infact the gentle pulsating pain is soothing.
I took one antisemitism look around Starbucks and decided I couldn’t pay for my antisemitism: came to Caffe Nero Espresso Bar on Albion street (good old romantic Albion Street) and away from Kosher Coffee.
Hitler and co. were trying to kill all Jews in Europe before they were defeated. It was a desperate game they were in. They knew they had no time but had to achieve this one goal, as if the world post war depended on it entirely. I really think Hitler wanted this to be his one clear ‘achievement’ if it could possibly be called that?
The guy with a beanie in Nero’s sounds like he is whipping someone in a back room. I can hear the recoil of the cord. I wonder if they are using ‘man power’ here with the surplus of manpower in Leeds. It be a good way to be carbon neutral and get fit. A bit like being a slave on a Roman Galley, each wrench of the oars making a considerable pile of coffee!

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