Still Ill

17:26. 05/02/2011

Jacob’s Ladder,

What a solemn day. I got out of the Hostel/Pub around 3pm after a well needed bacon and tomato (BLT minus Lettuce) @ £3.95. I went to bed just after last orders. Spoke to Spencer who had just got back from Isle of Skye sister pub(apparently there are 2). I reckon I had 3 pints of Rattler in Nancy’s while watching Wales lose graciously to England in the 6 nations opener(first time for me to care so much) had a laugh with some RFA and then moved to hunt some grub(chicken shish and red cabbage). Back at the Ladder and a few pints of Grandma’s Weapon Grade ginger beer. Got into a slight argument about the actual number of ‘Cinque‘ ports. Agreed to disagree and he said he wouldn’t completely disbelieve me until he’d looked into the matter. Spoke to a girl, sister of Elle, who complained she recently broke up with her bf because his wener was just ‘too’ small! Retired and slept very well, but then woke up needing to defecate, puck and piss all at once(but I wasn’t hungover at all). Couldn’t hurl. I curled up in bed until around 1pm crawled to the kitchen, got a cup of tea, went back to sleep and threw it up in about 10 minutes. By 2pm I really began to think some food might end and stop the empty vomit, watery shite and general feeling of nausea. Not very comfy in nausea. So after a general clean and post -BLT I climbed down the Ladder to the Moor(my legs are very sore from the steep hills in Launceston and Falmouth) went to Natural Store and Jam Records to convalesce. Nice choice by Living Food of St. Ives – The Booster Bar and a great teapigs mao feng in Jam, back towards Fal Falafel and a world champion falafel.
A seminal discovery in the last week is Tame Impala(Perth, W.A.) so like the era they’re singing about to actually confuse me with Los Impala, of Peru I think, at last a band from Australia that speaks to me…apart from AC/DC(bon scott), Avalanches and Gerling. Apart from the obviously clearer sound all the fuzz and driven ‘Nazz‘-a-like is there, but totally not like that really. Modern too.
I have come down into the Bar to write this and finally feel a little less suffering, I think the catalogue of nutritional benefits have brought me to nirvana or a more level place. Today I do feel alcohol is a trap. Leading me on in to a terrible end. Why do I need this crutch so much? No matter how it is disguised I fall prey to its whims. I will not cir cum to it’s brittle nailed tearing vice like grip. It isn’t me – I am me! I travelled 400 miles not to repeat what I was doing 400 miles before. I learned to push it away. I need to learn again. ADS taught me it was me!
jacob’s ladder, falmouth, Grandma’s weapon grade ginger beer, Cornish Rattler, Cinque Ports, Natural Store, Jam Records, teapigs, Fal Falafel, Living Food of St. Ives, Tame Impala, Nazz, vomit,  hangover, remedies, travel

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