31 reasons to be a vegi…

Today was a successful Vegetarian day in Millie’s Fresh and Organic.

I guess I need to be in the mode of taking lush technicolor images to highlight the exciting array of reds, yellows, greens: the multicolour of veg.

However I made a Roasted Red Pepper and Humus filled Foccacia, 2 varieties of Fritatta, TVP(soy mince) Bolognaise and a lush Potato, Courgette, Chickpea and Roquefort soup…

This afternoon I took inspiration from some juicy Navel oranges mum brought me from Kirkgate Market and created a lusty Jaffa Cake! Ingredients: 300g 55% Dark Chocolate, 50g Ground Almonds, 125g Ground Roasted Hazelnuts, 250ml Double cream, the juice and zest of a Navel orange, 8 separated eggs, 300g organic SR flour and 250g unsalted butter. Thursday I will fill with orange buttercream I think!


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