From Whitehall Waterfront to your stomach.

It is a while since I covered myself in Blog.

Recently (12/11/2010) I started working for Natalie, Geoff and Cath @ Millie’s Fresh & Organic as their resident chef Monday to Friday. I am trying to develop the scope of the kinds of food they have offered and create a trade with a more diverse clientele than I do currently.

Tucked away on Vicar Lane, Leeds the emporium offers a great selection of vegan, organic, ethical and fair trade products from both local and far away. From this variety I am able to create a vast array of balanced salads, interesting and value-for-money meals, vegan and raw cakes, homemade and inspiring dainties, etc, etc (you’ll just have to pop in on any day to see what I am working hard to produce).

I find myself back @ 97 Whitehall Waterfront 4 years on from when I went off to YHA Afriston and a few years with the YHA and a chance to develop some skills with Jean-Claude Etile and other important persons in the vast world of catering. It is quite strange to vanish from Leeds for 4 years to return to the same place but really a very different and happier person.

I hope to keep up the Blog, Twitter and Facebook for some shameless self glorification….

STAY TOONED and check out my musical direction on RYM if you feel it?


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