Halloween and piles of disgarded Cassette Tapes.

2nd year of the Jones’ Halloween was a good affair judging from all the many photos that have appeared on Facebook since last night. I thought it was a very Americanised product when I was a teenager and never ever had anything to do with it then. But now it gives free rein to self expression with a box of pastels and an afternoon. I went to the party as a green bloody mouthed Zombie ate loads of very good Stilton and Broccoli quiche and drank a fair quantity of cider. I crashed out around there and got back for about 10am this morning.

I do hope this is a routine event, but Sarah and Dan both want it to elsewhere next year as it’s not nice clearing up the day after a party.

Today I’ve thrown away a load of Cassette tapes that were just getting dusty in the box they’ve been in the last dozen or so years. Couldn’t quite throw all the original ones just the copied(dubbed) ones. I wonder if they get melted down or recycled?
Recycle This
Free Cycle
I’ve also got all of Dad’s cassettes and video tapes to get rid of. I could just put them all in the Green bin and let LCC sort it?

There was a little bit of aggro last night. I inadvertently offended Jason. I thought his outfit was amazing and it really made me laugh, but I think he thought I was laughing at how bad it was? I thought it was really cool. Seemed like a little tension was in the air last night too, but that may’ve been just the booze talking?

Back to making an effort to find me a job in the run up to Christmas on Monday and off the cider for a while.


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