Journey to the !Edge of the World!

I’ve had this feeling in the last year that my life is going full circle. I’m filling all the gaps from the past. I guess Facebook makes this very possible. But I has made me think I may only have another 16 years left if I keep filling all the past gaps in.
How do I explain this simply? I had a job trial and I chopped parsley and peeled potatoes: which i last did on that scale in 1989 at the Linton Springs
I hooked up with an girl I knew in Newcastle and haven’t seen since 1995 who is in Canada now: Victoia Jolley.

I went to Harrogate today looking for work and found the place very autumnal and most of the town had a power outage, but got a Job trial at the Old Swan; I was very very drunk here in 1995 (I woke up in a room in the hotel without a clue where I was and remember the old radiators in the room were so so baking). I got so drunk with Richard Smith from ROCOM that night! Was a good laugh really. ROCOM had some fun times, apart from David Swinnerton being a TWAT.
The last few days I’ve finally got my head into and I like the way I can associate with people who like the variety of music I love. Anyway…
Back to the Idea of Full Circle: today after 22 years of not speaking to each other I finally tracked down Dwayne Claridge in Perth WA on Facebook. Nobrottic! Brill… Can’t say how that makes me feel! All I need now is to track down Joanna Chapman, Michelle Doyle and a couple others: whose names I really have forgotten! Craigie Senior High School 1988.
 and now there has been a reunion…

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