Young Girls and Duran Duran

I think media relies on new products to flog any old rubbish the latest fads are HD, 3D and bluray. Wow it’s 3d. What next hologram projectors?

Sometimes it’s all about who you like and who you don’t. How trivial to have these empty thoughts in your teens, through your twenties just to see it become nonexistent hatred from then or even more xenophobic turned against entire groups. Or who has stayed at the better holiday cottage. Girls stop this bollocks.

I’ve been going to Leeds on the bus since it was a 799 or 798 at Deighton Bar in around 1984.
My first bus journey out without mum I think was with John Naylor to the brand new Ridings in Wakefield. I bought a picture disc of the Reflex by Duran Duran;12 inch.Pin
It had a version of Make Me Smile (come up and see me some time) on the B-side.

Jody. Bella Italia, possibly.
Oracle, possibly.
Print of your CV! attention Jon Tite.
1pm at Pin and Addlestones makes me feel warm and lovely Argentinian senoritas makes me bake.
Preaching the lord George Jesus Christ with a lisp!
It is crap. Why bother wandering about Leeds on your only day off?
The windmill and bay horse.
Chilli char carne.


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