Roast Pork, Yorkshire puddings and Pitta bread

Today for total satisfaction I made both Pitta bread and Yorkshire pudding.

In a preheated oven (220’C) I baked 4 pittas – strong flour, warm water and salt – until the steam inflated the core of the breads and produced the pockets that all really good pitta should have.
Once they were out of the oven I then did some Yorkshire pudding. The best method for a successful YP is equal quantities of eggs, flour and milk (in this case 3 eggs ratio) and a very hot oven and a preheated tray with a high burning temperature oil in each section. These can be made well in advance and simply reheated again under a grill (watch they don’t burn)

I have also started to bake off the Pork joint. I scored the skin and rubbed salt into it, then I chopped some smallish onions into quarters and sat the joint on the onions. I put the seasoned meat (seasoned with sage, salt, pepper and a small amount of Jerk) into a preheated oven (120’C) for an hour to slowly cook the joint.

I think the Pittas came out of the oven looking brilliant. So I tried the smaller of the 4 to see if the texture was correct and I think it was.

I’ve added water, celery and parsnip to the tray increased the temperature (160’C) for the next 30 minutes. To complete the dish we need to blanch off some broccoli and cauliflower which I will do later.


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