Cider, Perry and Beer experiment part 2

So this morning I’ve checked the liquor I left at 10pm last night to see whether the fermentation had begun. It is nicely producing CO2 and I can clearly smell the pears in the brew.

I simply don’t want to throw away all of the vacuum packed hops that my Mum inadvertently left out after she chucked the faulty fridge. I’ve soaked the packet, simmered gently and then syphoned off the liquor to reduce in a pressure cooker. Maybe this is a pointless task, but I’d like to see.

I’m easily confused these days – I realise the hops are Northdown with an alpha acid of 8.5% and thet’re currently being reduced under pressure. I have tasted the reduction and its so so bitter! But hey that’s concentrate!

I want to increase the volume to put in to the demijohns so I’m going to get hold of some sweet apples from somewhere or get a nice organic apple juice from Carey Organic, but this might increase the cost too much. I need to be on the look out for more windfall apples on Monday and Tuesday.


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