Filling in the gaps

On the coach from Birmingham(National Express) to Sheffield the girl behind me is empty. All she cares about it a status upset. How she’s afraid of falling out with some one who hasn’t read the update who must be shit for brains. Talking talking. 2 hours nearly. I could take her phone and smash it into a million little pieces and her too.

On the way to Leeds briefly, to see Ben at Piazza by Anthony in the Corn Exchange.

And then back. My ear has vanished. Or so it seems. Not a happy circumstance really, but must plod on.
Only 2 Commis chef roles: nothing for me there then. Shame. Keep trying.

My grand-dad James Sherburn sent my father 5 woodbines for his 21st. When they arrived: he was in Korea(1954), they all fell to pieces as it took so long to arrive (the war was over). I find now that the fob and chain I’d always been led to believe was my great-grandad’s was actually stolen by my father from an previous employer when he thought he wouldn’t miss it. Oh that is a surprise. Kleptomania and lying are some more of his many bad traits.

Came down to see if anyone I might know maybe still haunting wetherby on Friday: Nope, that golden era has gone. Was very happy to bump into Paul and Irene from the New Inn in the 1990’s.

Another person who uses a cliche to define the job ain’t a human but a robot after all. Fiscal deficit: overdraft: no money: debt ridden: stop borrowing! Alan ‘too nice’ Johnson.
Why give the job to someone who ain’t a clue. Stop not knowing it frustrates and defeats. Employ those with understanding. Not just a front man.

3rd day of trial, but 9th of a blocked ear. Not funny any more. The rest of my body feels good. I look good, but not complete!
Finished positively. No problems. Like all the guys who work in the kitchen! Supposed to hear from Franco. Head chef thinks I’m crazy. Possibly…I do calm down.
Wasn’t too happy with the quality of my clarified butter. I’d do that for longer and at less temperature and maybe do more for other uses? Why doesn’t butter come already clarified?
Pancetta at work is dry cured, but has Rosemary on the label which I wonder whether that means it’s smoked over Rosemary too? Need to ask.
Found an interesting recipe on the web @ for a Pancetta and Asparagus ‘Panna Cotta’ and really need to get make a sabayon soon, not had that in ages!
Got to the doctors after popped home and a quick clean. Emma’s coming over on her way home. Will cook for the three of us. Carbonara I think.
A guy from school who always looked like a ‘nowhere man’ has just come into the doctors… Mark Reagan? Unhealthy and upset and angry: repeat script wrong. Calm down it’s not the end of the world. Skin cream is on repeats. How aggressive!

Mum’s message requesting boiled ham, carrots, green veg, etc. She returns with four large fresh Sardines(30p)

so I de-bone, coat in flour, salt and pepper and vigourously fry. Squeeze of lemon juice and a bit of guacamole (no tartar sauce ingredients): lovely jubbly!


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