The Return of the Native

So I’ve been back in the country for 1 week + 1 day and its actually quite nice to be back in the oulde towne.

I went out on Friday and had a fairly interesting night and on Saturday night I saw Richard and Jason, and went back to Jason and Katherine‘s house to polish off lots of cheese (boring Morrison’s Gruyere and lovely creamy Saint Agur) and red wine (a Cono Sur Pinot Noir and a Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz)

I had a dreadful hangover on Sunday (after a few vomit throws into the toilet at midnight) the first one I’ve had since I went to Work in Cornwall and ventured to Ilfracombe and drank too much vodka. I put this down to too many ciders at the Muse before we went back to Jason’s with cheese and wine…

I’ve had 2 trials at Sant’ Angelo’s in Wetherby and one more Tuesday to see what Filippo Pagani the Head Chef thinks. He is a very interesting chef to watch and has a similar style to Ronald Brown in Padstow and I can see how the pasta section of an Italian restaurant would always follow the same procedure. A guy from Albania is also a very well coordinated knife chef and has one of the largest Chef’s Knives I’ve ever seen. He also is a very good pizza chef. There are actually 2 English chefs in the restaurant which is good to see. I can learn so much here and give as much back as is possible!

Today I’ve been trying to track down a girl I knew back at the University of Northumbria. I called the Alumni department there and they promised to forwards my details to her in Canada and see whether she wants to correspond with me. Victoria Jolley are you there…

An old Uni mate has found the face of sorrow in a Mushroom – funny one Ben Marr.

I found a plaque under Wetherby bridge that purports to suggest the building of the bridge was a sin…

Snoops was in fine form today swimming thoroughly in the Wharfe.

and we managed to scare all of the Mallard’s into the river!


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