Getting it together

I’ve been motivated since my arrival back in Wetherby, but I feel pretty crap physically today. I think it is amazing the amount of adrendelin I must’ve used in the past week since I frantically camped in Opatija and got back to the Wetherby from Trieste on Sunday afternoon/evening. I need to catch up with folks and properly float back into Wetherby. I am happy to be here actually. Makes a change to feel I can work locally and chill out without that thing I try to find in the places I’ve worked recently.

I’ve been active on the job front and have already got an interview on Friday. I saw Franco at Sant’ Angelo yesterday, but I had a deaf ear and I look a little ragged with my wispy thinning hair. I explained I’d had a tough time getting back home so excuse my appearence. I think it went well and I hope I can work there into the New Year and beyond; the amount that can be learnt from Italian chef must be huge.

I’ve actually made only Italian style food since I arrived back. Yesterday a Carbonara and today a Risotto. I mentioned that the most exciting thing about traveling along the coast of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia was the fresh seafood available very cheap from markets and sold in simple eateries.

The yew tree in the garden has many arils on it this year and Wikipedia claims they’re edible and sweet. Tempted to eat them but I might have to ask Chris Bax as he knows more about these things; I don’t want poisoning.


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