Longest Day 2010

Well I am back…what a multiple journey. Not again for a while. It has really taken the wind out of my sails(I got into a warm bed at 00:23 and slept so snoringly soundly).
Went for a short walk with Mister Dogg and played a while. He’s so easy to reaquaint with. I’ve seen him once since May.
Job interview tonight at Sant’ Angelo
hopefully I can say and do enough to fill a gap in their schedule up to and over the New Year. Fingers crossed.
Need to cut my barnet fair tonight and have an early one. By tomorrow I won’t be so knackered.

Try boiling some sliced potatoes leaving to dry when they are just at the crumbly or breaking stage. add parsley, white wine vinegar, garlic. simple to accompany Sardines deep fried for a few minutes(salt pepper and a little flour). gobble and enjoy with a chilled Malvasia
Like the very enjoyable Istrian variety produced by Vina Ritoša


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