Dark in Ičići

7:07 and it’s already too dark to read by natural light; shame the last chapter was interesting.
I have managed to pack already for the off on the morrow: Saturday and decided what clothes to wear too. I have not touched the final allowance for the trip.

Finished off the bread and cream cheese and some olive oil for my evening meal. Found a couple or three figs that were ripe for a delicious and very free dessert. Shame I didn’t have any panacotta to go with it. Put some of the Rosemary that grows so well in Istra in the olive oil to add an extra dimension.
I have learnt that there are two excellent pršut in Croatia. One from the area around the Dalmatian coast(dalmatinski pršut) and another from Istra(istarski pršut), but I’ve only tried that one from around Rovinj.

They are very proud of their natural produce in Croatia and it is quite rare to see foreign or out of season produce anywhere. I’ve noticed that finding figs is now quite difficult and that may be because we are at the end of the season.

Today I saw what looked quite like cider apples so maybe there is potential for a good equivalent of that here?

Why do they have flog this wonderful cuisine for ridiculous prices to tourists? The stalls in Rovinj were coining in on the tourists.

I have just 20kuna left for tomorrow. I will need to pay the coach driver extra for my baggage to go in the hold and then find something cheap to feed me: bread & cheese, but not going to find coffee for 3.50 I paid today or 6 for the glass of wine once I hit Italy. I seem to recall that espresso was around €1 but there was a supermarket called … next to the station.

First job in Trieste is to locate the tourist information: they must be able to help me find somewhere to stay that isn’t on via Ghega …

I’m bitten all over my head today, because I was so well covered up the bloody female swines have only had my head to aim at.

There is another large moth up in the section between the inner and outer of the tent. It sounds like someone shuffling cards 26/26. That downwards brushing of the cards. It’s going round and round like a casino roulette wheel.


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