I just deleted my last few hours’ conversations…which is a shame.

Got back to Volosko for a mite more white wine.

Mass is being rung out. At 8pm. By Saint Ane.

Met 2 Israeli free divers here in mala bar. Was intrigued how some people can hold their breath for 11minutes. On the surface not deep. Big guy could free dive more than thin guy. Lung capacity. Amazing. Taking your mind off the need to breath.
I’ve often done that when trying to kill myself late at night. They were drinking grappa, vino and giving the owner what for: very cute girl.

Didn’t mean to give the wrong impression if I was over friendly as it was a relief to get drunk without paying for it. 24kuna for four glasses of Poreč vina is £2.80 for 4 house wines that make Barolo pale away.

Finally got the bus driver to ‘cut me some slack’. Rope not to hang myself with. So I get the last connection to Ičići.

Will now go to volovsko for fish every day, but need to talk to a doctor about why I no longer taste or smell and what is wrong with my nose. Would make sardines everyday.


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