I am sick of the rain. I’ve ducked into a Konoba, wine bar, for sardela, potatoes and salata. Better. Beans. Vino blanca.
Nice variety. Looks like where the locals come. Success. All I need now is compagnia. Volosko.

The fisherman village front has been absorbed in to clique restaurant. All overwhelming and over priced and the staff have an air of drifting far from reality while they daily set up for a million german and italian retirees.

The village is quaint and strikes me like a Cornish village overtaken by art galleries and boutiques. But this venue offers sardela for cheap.

German tourists descend just as I am finishing my fayre. But they have discovered what is worth knowing.

I am feeling stuffed. Now I am needing to rest.

I recommend this Konoba to any who come this way. Borlotti bean salad , potato salad, 10 sardines(large), bread and glass of vino = 47 kuna.

Simply known as ‘Ribarnica Volosko’

I leave and the sun is shining. The cat is demanding. It must know how good the food is! Meeow!


Next stop is for a tea. Mala krčma Skalinada. The small place on the stairway…
Istrian Ox is sold. Work ox. Roast, goulash, salami and tripe. Tripe fan club. It smells like shit but you can eat it.

Platak. Skiing from December until March. Fly to Trieste or Zagreb from February. A great secret apparently.

‘130 kilo guys are very hard to teach how to ski’ says Maria.

Places to chill out in Rijeka:
K.u.n.s. Sušak, Lujza, Tetov square and Palach underground venue.

Hum has 22 inhabitants.


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