Leaving Split

More green grapes and another Turkish style coffee. Will set off after 5 and wait the arrival of the ferry. Tomorrow is another day, but the weather looks better in Split. Will read and chill on journey. Still got vodka and a bottle of rouge from Vis.
Set off amid mosquito and humidity. Blue skys and still waters. East gate.
Need some voda for the trip. A litre or more. Bought a litre. Checked in for ferry. Now to wait to board from 7pm. The Dalmatian hills are stunning with the sunset into the sea. The ferry Dubrovnik pulls into port. Berth n°16.
Lady sits on bench with a sharpei bred of dog.

Got a can of coke zero from the old lady of Split and a kiss on the cheeks
Marco polo pulling into Berth n° 28. Nearly on the last and most extreme journey yet. The sea is calm and I am going to sleep.
Old crones line the dock waiting with laminated cards sebe, apartments. Direct marketing.
Off come fresh arrivals for Split to consume in it’s ceaseless money trapping.
Got on ship and found a space to sleep. In the bar, but that may be a bad idea?


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