Last morning in Split

Nedjelja 7pm Rijeka.

Old woman of Split showed me her descendants. From her son the grand daughter and great grand son. While drinking fine Turkish style kava. The rain has been lashing down all night, but it still won’t stop. I think another load is due soon. Soon enough. Time for breakfast.
The rain has caused extensive floods. I watched the news and this was the headline. Not that I really understood what was being said, but it was discussing a burst riverbank I think. Although they weren’t doing the feature too much justice as they had no panoramas of the effects. Maybe they lack tax payers money for helicopters.
Got some rambling text from Steven Fitzhugh about ‘my’ new Marxist leader. Me as a ‘Guardian reader’.
I think that Steven never really understood how I tick. Politics and Newspapers are 2 things I would confine consign to Room 101.
Give me a good book, a decent kava, some heart wrenching music and a fine lady and I am always happiest.
I told my landlady I am offski tonight and I think she was a little unhappy. Oh well. She’s obviously done well out of life. She beams pride and joy. I wonder if mum feels that for me or does she keep away from any discussion of my fallibilities?
I had a small Calazone pizza pasty and donut for my first meal after the flood. It worked.
Now tourists have taken to the streets for their studious walkathon. Rain rain come back to wash these vampires back into the dark. Point and stare. Yes I am consuming coffee: this is a caffe!
The kind of sleep I’ve had the last two nights is frightening.
Last night I was in bed for 10pm, but I had an interesting night. I was speaking to a guy who works at the new Radisson Blue. That might be an option for me next year here in Split? Or any place with a large international catering operation.
I watched Real Madrid play out a bore draw against Levante UD. I think Morinjo has always bought the leagues he has managed in. He’ll come undone without money. Like Roy Hodgson.
I was woken up at least 5 tomes by the noise on the corrugated roofing in the small courtyard my room faces.


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