Sunshine and showers

Galum Internet is free but doesn’t work with my iPhone.
Need a postcard still.
And I think I might venture out of Split to see somewhere else tomorrow? Or maybe it’ll be nice enough to go to a beach?
Slavui, maslina and duhan: 1 kuna, 20 lipa and 10 lipa respectfully.
I have a huge weight lifted from my kneck. Emma selflessly offered me £50 to help me when I get back to England. I know that I caused this situation my self. The whole adventure is like France 2000 but a million times larger. All I needed to bring £800 and not £400!
I am running through selling numerous items to help raise some cash while I am here. Ray bans Nike windrunner
Here comes the sun. Sunshine on a cloudy day…cheers sister. This is holidaying on a shoestring.
I haven’t eaten the shoe leather yet but I am close.
I have a postcard for Ross on Wye…


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