Foul day

Foul day.
Saturday date with rain
Pondering over long kava
And what to feel
As asking for an Americano
A tall cup is more the key
First day, Thursday, I walked passed this spot and looked but I didn’t linger
Second day I retreated here after a bad nights sleep and drank twice from the sure cup.
Third day I decided to take in the carob and sopernik field trip first. To drink a cup and plough into ‘Daniel Martin’ while the wind blows a newspaper headline into the wind and the damp cobblestones and I gave a bloom to the caffé waiter(a screwed up headline)and he ties down our shade to stop it blowing into history like the recent newspaper.
Beer is delivered on a milk float. It is the only vehicle that fits into Diocletian’s traps. Karlovačko, limona, mijeko, kegs and Leffe blond.
And leaves with a crate of emptied milk bottles.
The caffé next plays ‘Friday I’m in love’
which would work if there were creatures of the day. And this not a Saturday. What do the caffé kava class of Croatia, there are just two classes in Croatia: those who drink beer and smoke in the morning and those who consume kava and smoke in the morning. (No matter how they dress that is the difference), do on wet days at 1000am?
The statement of the song- what a difference a day makes- is never truer than when the weather is changeable. This is why we long for Rose tinted days in England.
There are 5 people here today. Including the waiter.
2 arrive and one flicks his ash which settles on my well turned thigh. She adolescent and led zeppelin clad presents holy bottomed. He drinks beer, but she, an adolescent, isn’t in the other Croatian class yet: Orangina.
Giggling and happy Lolita. Old man, who is farther or further being grandpa? Joined by a White haired gummy mule with a waggling cigarette were teeth once stood. She turns to mobile phone when she sees the truth of her uncles desires.
What is a medlar tree or is it meddler tree?
The grey White grandpa professional waggler but not smoker? Reads the back pages and is agitated until the appearence of Roki and then vanishes…stage left. Did he pay? Roki ran away I’m sure and grey White returns stage right then Lolita and grandpa leave stage left.
I finish my water and follow stage left. Same old misunderstood seventeen and seventy I once had with Jason in Amsterdam.


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