Figs are the only fruit

Figs are currently my favourite fruit.
Prickly pears are interesting, but too painful to venture that far to eat.

All these dolls around the room is a bit haunting and many many crucifixes in the house. I feel like I’m in an apartment from the 1940’s. Not much English spoken in these parts. German is a better option. I will visit Germany next time I live the UK. Over Christmas with Glenn maybe?
Spoke to a local about working as an English language teacher. But I’d only make 10000 kuna per month. She says chefs in the large hotels make more. To be considered. But I think Slovenia is the place for chef work. How do I get from here to Pirano or Ljubljana? Is there a cheap option. Don’t mind rain, but need to see a bit more of Slovenia.
Apparently they pay the same to the government for healthcare etc as you get paid.


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