Out of Vis

Got up with alarm at 5:55, but would’ve been woken up for the drag of the mass bells calling the drones to worship. 6am the clatter of gongs. I would only go there to tell them to stop that racket. You may be monks living cloistered lives, but you don’t have the right to force the remainder of us to conform. Oh, this is a good god fearing nation, I forget.
So to Split at 7am. I liked Vis, and I am glad I spent 5 days relaxing there. The local wine is excellent. So are the fruits you can pick off the trees. The people are helpful and welcoming. The island is not full of ‘the cast of Eastenders’ as 2 Welsh girls just put those they met travelling to Hvar.
The ferry is filling up slowly. I hope there’s enough to cause ballast. No need the sea looks calm as the sun rises over the ridge in the hill.
The town looks pink, lilac and lavender in the early morning lights.
Had a couple of bottles of wine last night. Woke up with a start at 1257 thinking I had over slept. Phew.
School children crowding on the boat I am guessing they school in Split or are they on a field trip. So the morning calm is broken. Bloody kids! He he: give them mogandon!
On our way.
I think the next version of notes on the iPhone should allow photos and links…
I can’t think why the girl who set up the hostel in Pula did so. She seemed to be in a drugged haze most of the time. Opium or heroin I did wonder. Pula Opium den Hostel. Maybe it was a cover business for the import of heavy drugs.
People have begun moving away from the school children as the full glory of the morning sun shines to my right and I realise the windows are tinted pink, lilac and lavender. It was a false colour I saw on the town.
Self important child dominating her classmates. Teachers pet. I am so too mature. Go and sit down.
The sun is ten degrees above the horizon.
Coffee makes me get a snotty nose I’ve noticed. Maybe I am caffeine intolerant. Miss it out today.
Jadrolinja has always a photo, framed, of the pope blessing some ship of the line. Judita I think. It is the dead pope. That blessing should save all the Catholics on this boat if it is scuppered? Saved by a blessing from Gods messenger. I think pope John Paul 2 had a lot in common with Patrick Moore, except for the monocle and Patrick Moore having some real use in the modern world.
Children just mimic adults a lot of the time. For instance one girl is holding a mobile phone at 7:35am in expectation. And she is airing the mobile phone to everyone.
I recall a very windy, blustery day at St. James’ C of E and most of us children were wearing snorkel Parker jackets. Mine was blue with an orange lining and grey fur on the snorkel. All of us had inverted the jacket over our heads and the wind was dragging us from off the benches we had stood on. It was like a foot high parachute jump. We did it all break. It was so miserable and wet. We used to huddle under the only shelter available to us there. I remember Karen Williamson rejecting me for Jason in Mrs Corrie’s class. How odd. I remember a tree with some purple velvety flowers on it in spring or autumn. I sat next to Andrea Thew in Mrs Dyson’s class. I always got lines from her. No matter what I did I got given lines which I had to do at break. I was never a bad child. I remember very little about Mrs Bellamy’s class. She was a good teacher. Nice, not like Mrs Dyson. I remember Colin Maltby fainted in her class. I also remember fancying a girl who was in the next classroom and in the final year. Tracey somebody, not Burnsall as she was in cousin Robert’s year.


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