Old lady of Split is my landlady.

Trying to barter that I can camp for 60kuna and therefore I am only willing to pay 80kuna for a bed for 3 nights in Split. Got 4 nights at 320kuna. Saved 80kuna and didn’t have to camp on a weekend when it is supposed to rain. Leave Monday morning. Found cheap sandwich bar.

After a long and pretty exhausting journey to the top of Marjan and down past various beaches in that peninsula I am back at the golden gate entrance to Diocletian’s palace. North gate I think. Just eaten borek and a chocolate cake. No more than 20 kuna and eaten for free prickly pears: paying the price with , and finding a half dozen sweet figs directly from the tree: being bitten and paying the price. Met a girl from Australia on the way up Marjan hill who’s studying in Köln and introduced her to eating fruit off the tree. My thumb is stained from the prickly pear. Carmine I think.

The figs were juicy and like nectar. Back at the basilica at the centre of the palace. It has quietened down a bit since lunch time, but walking tour girls remind me of punt guys and girls in Cambridge.
Have to go north by ferry on Monday. Cheapest option. Still more than I hoped to pay.
Cives ære proprio divo rocho sacrv.


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