Missing out on Komiža

I decided not to go to Komiža if it’s going to cost 40kuna return. Am walking to Kut to see if I can use a computer in the library. It’s another fine day, but the library is closed until 1600. I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind for getting on a bus and doing tourism.
Arrived at Kut and just taken a number of photos of the clock tower.
Not a soul in any of the bars or restaurants. Caffé Bise has just 1 patron. Just 3 yachts tied up at the quay. Feels a bit desolate. Maybe time to hang out on the beach next to monastery?
There is a pile of clothing and a lunch box of broken wafer biscuits discarded on the quay next to a palm.
There are many many fish in the harbour and the water is very clear.
So few people in the streets. Must be siesta time. Between 12 and 5.
Galeb courting next to library and Vista Klub and it’s phallic galerija.

Wooden carved penises; imagine giving one as a present to royalty or an agéd relative who ain’t seen cock since her husband died 20 years previous.
Dance lessons on Ivana Farolfija, cha cha cha.
Jadrolinja ferry stationary and some yachts returning to Luka Vis.
UJE, aqua, 1+1=3 and Le Petit Prince, number 5 Obala Sv. Jurja, sits opposite the monastery where work and pray are the daily rituals. And men sit dwelling over kava in Riva while the monks toil over the tomatoes and grapes the peppers and the carobs.
Got a meal out of the pasta I made the first day. Added franks, onions, tom’s(skin off) and dried figs for added sweetness.
Need to get a hair cut and a moustache trim.


Tangerines off the tree and some kind of passion fruit I have eaten here. A bunch of grapes I have consumed from guys crushing grapes into pulp and bumped into Ziggy. He has been walking. Where I have been stumbling he has worn the correct footwear and hitched where I waited for a bus. Oh how stupid you are.
Did I spot a shoal of fishes by that yacht? I couldn’t tell.
Did I just find the handle from a roman amphora and the rim of a vessel?
Said goodbye to Katarina’s ma and pa. Paid for tonight. Will catch 7am catamaran ferry to Split. Need to finish off the bieljo vino from last night.
Went to Ziggy’s with the bottle. Drank it and ate all his cheese, ham and bread. Went back down the hill. Bought more wine, cheese and pretzels. Got 2 litres and more change than I paid…my karma says thank you. Don’t look that gift donkey straight in the teeth. I owe it to come back and pay back the hundred. Hey, but that wine is a little tannic. But I can see why it’s considered a Barolo clone or some such. Or Barolo is a clone of this grape. Pepper and delight. Must drag Tom here one day.


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