Problems in a house

No electricity in most of the house
No gas for ages
Kitchen unfinished
Constant people coming in the house and doing thinks with drills early in the
Morning and during the my split shift
Painters and decorators
Nothing to cook food with
Nowhere to sit to eat food
Nowhere to wash clothes
Nowhere to dry clothes
No front room
No patio area
No washing line
Dust/mess all through the house not cleaned up by builders.
No door key for my room
No tv
No freeview
Sharing a room with a guy with zero respect for the hours I work. 
Mould on panels in the cupboards in the kitchen.
Forced by circumstances to eat at chippy everyday for days…
A tiny pillow
12:20 and loads of people in the house and it didn’t stop until at least 2am
Kyle’s birthday, but rules are rules?
8am noise from backyard carrying to front of house not at work until 10:30.
From yard 8:12 guy hitting chisel with hammer on to wooden block before walking off…and coming back with a Stanley knife to do the job properly!!!
Left house at 8:23 to get away from racket.
Door unlocked down stairs.


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