Does it add up?

Suježi sir

Soft cheese

The air is clear. I need to change my plan slightly. I don’t have enough money for another week at 100kuna per night.
I did say I would stay on, but without any assistance from either Glenn or Paul this will be impossible.
I feel divided. But I don’t owe anybody anything.
So my task is to get to this campsite south of Split. It’s something like 3 km from the centre and is only €7.85 per night as opposed to what is currently €13.74. Not quite half the cost, but a lot less comfort. It is meant to rain over the weekend. Hmm. Maybe I could stay until Sunday in Vis? Fast cheap ferry Sunday noon? Too many questions and not enough assertions.
Let’s see what I feel on Wednesday.

Bejbi bar pondering.


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