Back to base

Lizards, crickets and red admirals bound in front of my feet.
Out of bush I step and onto dirt track
Back to beach and decrepit mansion With twisted umbrella stand and rejected portaloo.
I went along a seldom walked terrace to find a personal cove.
All of a sudden the route vanished I’m Rosemary and pine scratched
The ordered piles of stone laid a long time ago vanish
A mystery why they finished nearly there so tranquil
I was feeling adventure, but not quite suicide
For scratches attained and,
No doubt, numerous bites that will
Itch and fuss my head soon
I wearily, at 11am, tread the path so often walked.
Hey to set off without water or a saving grace
Fun and danger wrapped in one
Winning is not as important to have won
Like a workout I spent the morning
Sustained on coffee, donut and sweat for free
I hit first house and pass Lilly faded Yugo
To be back in the race and a terraced garden
Barring fruits and sweet smiles to mother and son.
And I end my journey searching for voda and humour in ‘Bise’.


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