Routine is my suffix

_beer_Daniel Sherburn_routine_
2 kava long, no milk, 1 donut with ‘marmalade’ and one cheese roll. Not up for figs today. About to walk to a cove. But need water too.
The truth is that since a refresh shower on Saturday I’ve not got in a shower or bath. I’ve washed my face, armpits and butt, but no where else. I was in the sea yesterday but that doesn’t count. My skin feels good. Not dried out and I’m not being bothered by flies.
Girl in tourist agent hasn’t surfaced yet. I do hope she had the same facial expression today as she brings out the push bikes.
I’m beginning to feel a bit alone here. It’s because everyone is not English, too old, young and working or couples. One positive is the two Croatian girls from Pula. But I’ve only seen them once. They’re on a cruise to the blue cave today.
A row of predictable in …
Ecos yachting, etc., lined up and almost ready to go, middle class Polish on holiday oh how things become homogenised in capitalism so easily. Winding up the hose where you pour your zloty and another persons sweat. Using anyone to further yourself.
I think I am doing that with mum, Paul and Glenn. I need to make amends.

I am helping to bring in the wine harvest on Saturday. Nicholas and Nickolja for the fun of the day. 

Gibbon faced dog barking with asthmatic weeze.


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