Observations part three

Up and leaving as the wind cracks 7 am and a bell tolls the hours.
Walking passed dobra dan and hello my friend.
Jadrolinja does a three point towards Split and many people walk the promenade while the sun crests the midpoint ridge.
To collect fishes when they come in.
Cats patrol around the Ribarnica, sliding waif like to the portal
Boats Bob and weave as we await the applause of the fishermen. 
But the fishermen have none today.
The weather was bad and the cat looks starved.
But the fruitiers vend a separate catch with great fresh mandarin from Brač and juicy green figs.
Today there is not a cloud on the sky.
The sun has just risen above the hills.
But the sea It is buoyant and windy. Yachts tossed like crepes by Neptune’s hands.
Will I approach the man today? Oh to be able to come and go like Michael Angelo. What will school be like this morning and will they learn why western art died!?
The clock tower strikes 8am and I realise I am the first one to reach Bise today.
Coffee and radio Split to await the Croat invasion.
Totally sultry beauty I saw last night smiles sweetly and recalls she was with small children in the bar around 7pm.
Radio Split and dominating flies in Bise.
Marketing a buzz while barmaid of follie ba jar positions push bikes Ionios. 
Some Beegee clone sings ‘here it comes again’
Renata and the bikes. Now sold her on Manet.
As I capture images and ponder entrances, saying dobra dan every step onwards: consuming and considering
She of the polish 
Hake, is it a member of the codfish family, flour and paprika to make batter. Fried fish. How to ask for a chopping board. Demonstrate. Cutting and chopping with a hand. Then show a knife. Nicolji will return with oil. Locally fresh cold pressed olive oil.



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