Observations part one


One day mum will see what all the fuss is about? Pomegranate, grapes, olives, sardines, calamari. An old Yugo and Renault 4gtl parked salt flaked paint faded, but engine works fine.
Aloe Vera and pine trees.
Views no one ever sees and tastes unlike any others.
Flowering trees with no names.
Incests buzzing hidden from view sounding like electric motors. All in the same type of lurching pine trees.
Cicada speaking like alarm clocks in the midday suns. And a British war cemetery in the September breeze. Vis is respecting British soldiers who helped Tito to liberate the country between 1943 and 1945. To a pebble beach with a handful of veteran holiday makers. And such a mild sea. Apparently Pula was hit but autumn yesterday and the day I arrived. Good to leave this Roman forum that disappointed with it’s current of tourist dollar.
I am reminded of Fowles and how the war ripped through even Yugoslavia.
Now I am going to be very good and last 2 weeks on a short amount of kuna.


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