Pula is passing. Got to Split…

Galeb, galeb, flying south.
So many miles journeyed in 2 days.
On a wing with the breeze
And arriving in Spilt to sail away.

Up at 5:45 and into the Adriatic swell by 7am
Rocking towards Zadar and next connection.
Hopping on a bus and just in time for coach and a tiring journey
I am an obvious pong and have barbarous moustache and roadway junkie air.
In between mid point of the coast and leaving the mainland while money suffices and more funds surfaces
Like a wrecked bounty the ship is at sea.

Arrived in Vis at 9pm. Long and exhausting day. How I managed this I’ll never know. Managed to get a reasonable 400kuna 4 night stay in an apartment. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Was gonna refuse, but thought hell why do that. Hopefully made some friends from the two whose ma and pa own numerous places on the island. 

First wash of the trip is engaged. Now I want to chill. Cooking my own food from tomorrow.
There is karaoke tonight. Hmm. It’s Saturday night. Let’s see.
Saw Italian:Trieste cards on the huge ferry out of Split.

Amazing swell this morning and people seasick. Girl from tourist info I’d a Bitch…had a laugh. 
Didn’t particularly like the vibe from the girl running the hostel in Pula.
Torrential rain made yesterday a bit shite. Campsite after here I feel…

Got vodka from 2 Geordie girls…invited them back! Shame…got work on Monday.

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