Piran, late night melancholy.

So I’m either working in Slovenia until the end of October early November or off to Pula tomorrow afternoon, which is in Croatia. This would be sad, however Piran is now a lot quieter. I maybe bartered for a reduced rate from Hostel Alibi if I do stay. But one never knows. And maybe a scooter for the month. But I’d much prefer a live in position in Hotel Bernardin. Simplifying the whole stay more. But I’m not too concerned.

The sun set is awesome. But I forgot that I had seen one over the ocean a few times before. I’ve never witnessed a sunrise. That would be done in the east of England. But predicting a day with no clouds in autumn will be hard I’m sure.
Next stop Dragonja on Croat/Sloveniani border prior to a bus to camp site recommended by the girl
I met on the coach from Trieste to Koper.

The purple lighthouse that René took off from last night is flashing red
This is suddenly a much more relaxed place. It deserves respect. I spy a flag of St. Andrews.

No one at home. Bumped into 3 englanders. 1 Stoke on Trent, 1 Kent and one posdammer spatz munchen. 1 beer has the chance to ruin a resolution. Shocking.

I am re reading Machiavelli.

Galeb best seafood on this adventure.
Alsatian cousin best dog. I actually kicked a dog that was smaller than a pigeon this afternoon. When I did bump into 2 guys who run the scooter works. Craig and Natalie. How odd. He has a house in Croatia. And bikes and mopeds. Surprising how I meet others on my travels.

Big tit girl and another minute dog. Slovenia is micro dog listic…
Lots of huge tit girls with small face area. Large cheeks.
So back along the front to a bar with my name on it. Beer. That is a prefix to my first initial, but only if you rewind from the D. _beer_Daniel Joseph Sherburn.
Not happening today. I am becoming a town drunk. The clock chimes the hours and then the quarters. Cleverer and cleaverer. Cleaving me in the middle. The back segment of my brain overriding the forward section.

Hi germansch bye germansch. What did I do fruenlein? I can’t understand. Next stop kebab. Same 2 girls glued to the seat at the caffé. Hey it wasn’t  me it was always René. Should’ve guessed, oh René I am ph neutral today. No need to waste my time. Now Gorankja looks at me odd. Am I so odd. Chicken kebab heaven at 8:54pm on my final Piran evening and beer to amend me. Oh hell.
This is a none day.


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