After a nights sleep when I was woken up without any bed clothes. Stepped out to fix my trip to Piran. Bonjourno. Sorted €5:40c and now I am in an illy caffé house in central Trieste. I have photo of James Joyce walking over a bridge on the grande canal. Well a bronze! First cappuccino. Italians are coffee crazy! Ate some awesome cheese and pancetta. Pancetta del calabrasi and a matured local cheese. Some bread a few glasses of merlot and apertivo. Some tapas style food along the way. Then bed. And talk so much. Chattering mouth and what must they be talking about. The is a lot of well dressed individuals here, but it’s a typical Italian kind I feel. Will walking up to castello next I think. Very windy day today. DuSty. I am less uncertain today than I was yesterday. I will camp in Piran. 5days then Pula…in Croatia. Can’t do lbjana.
Catterdrale di San Giusto
Very primativo
Looks to have numerous building stages so much that most columns are individual.
Now walking down via catterdrale to a museo. Mvseo.
San Canziano.

Refosco is name of the intense red vino  I had last night.
Just been bitten in a Roman
Mausoleum up at the castello. Was it a Roman flea…
Had a proper perfect pizza. 400’c oven pasta dough??? Asked for a job.
Mascalzone Latino…e qui fu Napoli.

The strong wind of the morning had vanished in a few hours. The sun is almost breaking out of the cloud cover.

Decided I must’ve broken my ribs. They really hurt still when I cough.

Nina nam nam
Made my Trieste…



  1. Daniel!Keep the blog up!!!Great to hear your cultural adventures – enjoy great wines and wonderful foods.This is what living is all about!!ENJOY!! xxPaul

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