From Ross to Cambridge

So 2nd Ross cider festival is over. And I am en-route to Cambridge.

Chelsea allcocks

Do all builders in university towns feel like Jude on arriving in Oxford? Or me. Being lesser?

Garde ta foy

Knitting square, circle or trapezium…

Jude the clown walked into an Italian restaurant known for it’s clownish behaviour. A simple dinner served by beauty and simple symmetry. Ravioli and rich sauce flavoured by a knitting frenzied group. Monthly, weekly or daily I knever knew. Clever hand art not cleaver to my eyes. All times I see this pattern and seldom are part thereof. But I now have plans. I can be sustained by frugal simplicity and plod along common stones, with a hope that a heaving heavens will vanish to level the ground and allow a few days more of soreness to recede.

Be gone this deep groaning tedium. 

Asked and it is weekly.

Brac vis Croatia. Islands. 

Hashers – hash house harrier


Indigo’s kings cullage. 

Orson Scott the third man.

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